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I am 76 years old with severe Scoliosis and Kyphosis. I always got short time relief after treatment. Finally, I took Rebecca's advice to get treatment once a month. This was the best advice I ever committed to; I no longer have excruciating back pain. The best part: Amazing, I no longer have a visible Kyphosis(hump). My shoulders are not so rounded, I stand straight, sit more erect, no longer complain about my back aches. It has been many years since I felt so good. I am forever grateful for the magic in the hands of Rebecca. She is a shining star to her profession. I will continue to see her monthly as long as I am able; I would encourage anyone to schedule an appointment with her, you won't be disappointed!    

Maxine C., Mequon.

I've known Rebecca and have been massaged by her for over six years.

I was impressed with her gentleness, wit and sincerity upon our first meeting.  The biggest revelation I've enjoyed since massaging with her is discovering that 20 plus years of chiropractic were closely tied to muscular health.  If the muscles were tight and not used properly the alignment can suffer mightily.  I no longer see chiropractors, I've learned many good ideas from her on how to listen to my mind and body which has played a big part in my overall health.  She's always incorporating new techniques to use on me which are impressive, hot stones, tuning forks, crystal chakra bowls, etc.  The best part of this experience is her touch, she knows exactly where to go to relieve discomfort and/or will offer extra information to help you understand your problem.  People treat themselves to a massage rather than weave it into their lives on a regular basis.  That's when the magic happens!  She is very attentive, respectful and professional.  Thank you Rebecca for giving me back control and understanding of my body!

Judy K.    Bayside

I first met Rebecca after being involved in an auto accident.  She treated me for a lower back soft tissue injury which aggravated previous lower back pain I had suffered on occasion.  After 3 weeks of massage therapy, I no longer had the constant pain.  Now, 10 years later, I'm still seeing Rebecca weekly.  The massage treatment I get, which includes the hot stones, keeps my lower back pain-free.  Because I sit at a desk all day, these weekly massages have proved to be wonderfully therapeutic.  Since I've been seeing Rebecca, I also notice that I don't get the annual illnesses I use to like the flu, colds, etc.

Marie L.    Brown Deer

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